Life After Foster Care

I was always told I had something special.  I never really understood what that meant.  All I knew is that I wanted a chance to make a life for myself that I never had. I wanted to be somebody and I was so infuriated with the hand the life dealt me, I was going to do it. I’ll show that Life!  Well here I am almost 10 years after aging out of the foster care system and life has taught me a thing or two, but I’m doing exactly what I said I was going to do.  I’ve finished college, pursuing a Master’s Degree, am a Married homeowner with a 2 year old, running a non-profit organization I started 5 years ago and developing a consulting firm I started this year.  Many will say that I’ve more than overcome I’ve surpassed what most expect of former foster youth. But I will tell you, I have a long way to go and it wasn’t easy getting here.  This Blog is all about Life, Love and Family AFTER Foster Care because so many of us don’t believe it exists or that we can thrive in it and I’m here to tell you – that it does and you can.


About formerfostertalk

Founder and Executive Director of the Maryland Foster Youth Resource Center and Founder and Senior Consultant with Fostering Change Network LLC. I am also a former foster youth with a passion to give back to youth still in and those who have transitioned from the foster care system.
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2 Responses to Life After Foster Care

  1. Alan King says:

    I’m going to subscribe to this blog. My wife, who was born in Nigeria and came to the U.S. with her father and siblings when she was two, ended up in California’s Foster Care after her father passed. I know she would appreciate this blog. Because of her experiences in Foster Care, she became a youth advocate in D.C. She just completed her MSW at Catholic University.

    Anyway, when I saw your name in a WordPress notification (thanks for following my blog!), I had to check out your page. I was looking for other post and only saw this one. If this is your first post, welcome to WordPress!


  2. Hi Alan! Thanks for following me too! Oh please share my blog with your wife. I would love to hear some of her thoughts around her experiences. Just from what you’ve shared about her, it sounds like she is an inspiration. A lof of our brothers and sisters in and from foster care could benefit from her perspective! And this is my first post! I’m trying to figure this all out, but it looks really cool!!!! Oh and I do alot of work in DC and Maryland; I’d love to connect with your wife to see if there is any way I can support her work!

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